Microbial pathogens can be found in many places. Fungal, bacterial and viral pathogens are responsible for countless illnesses, deaths and billions of dollars in costs each year.

Many pathogens are commonly found in nature, while others are known as food and water contaminants, hospital-associated infections (HAIs) and community-acquired infections. These pathogens can at times be found in our homes, schools, offices, hospitals and even in or on the food and water we consume.

EMSL Analytical helps prevent exposure to these dangerous pathogens by offering advanced analytical testing services. These services are available to the public, health professionals, government regulators and industry.

EMSL's scientists are experts at identifying pathogens from a wide variety of matrices and environmental samples. Years of experience and utilizing advanced analytical techniques have made EMSL one of the world's leading commercial environmental pathogen testing providers. This allows EMSL's customers to receive rapid results based on proven scientific techniques.

With over 30 years of experience, no project is too big or small for EMSL's environmental pathogen experts.